Don Batten 2012-12-07 02:51:11 Yes, we have to agree on the meanings of terms. One cannot use an action verb in the context of an environment in which time does not already exist. You say that it s illogical to define God in terms of religion ( dating fsm hang love site. I stand corrected on flat earth dates, but the Jewish conception of a flat earth is to be found in biblical as in post biblical times. I am a PhD Biblical DStusies student at Harvard, and I knkow more about it than you do. The Bible was written by believer about what they already believed to remind themselves what they already believed. How does one define or even come to comprehend such an infinite God dating fsm hang love site. As for atheism not involving beliefs but you say it is founded on critical thinking, this shows serious philosophical naivety; all systems of thought are founded on beliefs. Children are too logical to think that they created God who created them. That sounds like the God of the Bible to me. Don Batten 2012-06-06 08:08:18 The conclusion that the universe must have had a non-material (spiritual) cause does not depend on providing a mechanism for Spirit to create matter. com/LuisPortugal If a creator God needs to have been made by a creator, that creator would also need a creator who needs a creator … like an infinite chain of toppling dominos, which is an impossibility.

PL 2012-07-18 19:51:52 You need your Biblical God to manipulate people into your ordination and robe them from money, so you can live your philosophical life. ) This might also be helpful: Infinity through dark glasses. DE 2012-04-30 18:46:12 From some comments it looks like the sceptics would like to have a proof of God to believe in Him. How is it that so many intelligent people fall into this trap. It is a reasonable philosophic assumption that as we men design and create (but not ex nihio), and we observe that the creation itself has order and design to it, that there must be a designer of it. There are no laws of decay that state that energy burns up. My question is very simple, If god created our world/universe/life/etc,then why there is so much of inequality in our society, he could have created the world perfectly from the beginning,why didn t he chose to do it. The Bible does not teach a flat earth; for a refutation of one common attempt to say so, see Does the Bible teach a mythological cosmology. For many of the same reasons that you brought up. Archaeology confirms many of the historical events (where evidence has been found). Atheism is not a rational position; atheists believe in numerous naturalistic miracles, with no adequate cause. How can pure science prove or disprove anything to do with the origin of things in the distant past.

Denial of the reality of judgment by trying to believe that God does not care will not stop it happening, so it is best to be ready. ) It is only when we understand the problem with the world, (sin) we can then begin to take responsibility for the fallen state of this world. The principle is not, ‘Everything has a cause’; Bertrand Russell misstated it..
. This article also makes a lot of sense, it is very well written and I am glad to have come across it last night, I thank you for that. Everyone who is wrestling with the questions of whether a creator exists or not, and if the creator does exist then is the Bible the word of the creator needs to think through all of the arguments of the atheists to the end. ‘You were found in a cabbage patch’ is not a sufficient explanation for your existence. I hope this helps and you soon find yourself walking with God in His forever family. It s a self-refuting, inconsistent and contradictory philosophy. Don Batten 2012-10-22 01:05:20 Surely you can t be serious. So this theological argument does nothing to prove that evolution did it. More logical to me, is waiting until the dust settles as everyone is foolish to believe that everything has been answered or uncovered. .


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